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Award-winning startups, high-impact entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, experienced investors, R&D Centers and innovative companies. This is Baita's ecosystem. Here, sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and stimulating an entrepreneurial attitude always have a single objective: to generate results.

We are making history with disruptive and internationally recognized startups.


Major brands benefit from our innovative programs and partnerships.


Partnership with experienced investors, aligned with the profile of startups accelerated by Baita.


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Do you have an idea coming out of the paper or an innovative startup in business? At Baita, there is no market or technology preference. We operate with software, hardware, IoT, robotics, in verticals such as Agro, EdTech, FinTech, LawTech, Music & Entertainment, Energy, BioTech, Gas & Oil, Life Sciences, Telecommunications and others.

Baita Startups

Accelerate with those who know the way

With Baita your startup grows fast and safe.

We accelerate technology-based startups, with disruptive products, services or business models, from ideation to scale-up phase.
We are located in Campinas (SP), the largest technology hub in Latin America. Our headquarters is within Unicamp (State University of Campinas), one of the best universities in Latin America.

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Why Baita

Advantages that we offer for startups to have a huge success.

Development Program

You will benefit from Baita's solid processes that have already produced and have been producing recognized startups in Brazil and abroad.

Know-how and network

Access the full range of knowledge and network of Baita's partners and mentors, an experienced team in business, operations, market and, of course, technology.

Total involvement

Together we will carry out collaborative activities with active entrepreneurs, selected to develop innovative businesses and exchange experiences.


Our expertise is applied throughout the development cycle of your startup, a continuous monitoring, from the initial phase to the investment and post-acceleration. We are always with you.


Baita startups have access to several partners, such as Google Cloud, AWS, Hubspot, IBM, Microsoft, RD Station, among many others.


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How Baita Acceleration program Works

We work together to leverage the growth of your startup, starting from a widely studied and validated methodology, with the mastery of useful techniques for the entire life cycle of the company.


Entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and instructors, using methodologies such as Lean Startup and Effectuation, develop innovative, sustainable and scalable businesses.


Customer development, value proposition, business model, sales and operation pipeline, marketing strategies, sales, innovation and investment cycle.


The entrepreneur is expected to participate with protagonism (initiative), collaboration (coworking) and management (goals & metrics).


Connection with large companies and Baita’s entire network. Access to laboratories and support services for high tech startups.


From 6 to 12 months, depending on the nature of the market to be explored, the complexity of the product / service and the business model adopted.


Values depend on the startup stage at the beginning of the acceleration program.

our greatest achievements

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Baita Corporate

For companies that don't want to lose out in the innovation arena.

Baita promotes the usage of startup management concepts, methods and techniques, allowing companies to act with /or as startups.

Our programs allow the company to explore:
• Solutions for internal challenges
• New products and services
• Disruptive innovation
• Opportunities to be modeled together
• Corporate VC

Samsung (Ocean Center), Embraer, Startupi, Duratex, Apple Developers Academy, Eldorado, Imetrics, Masisa, RANDON, Nestlé, RNP are some of the companies that have already benefited from corporate entrepreneurship programs with Baita, with significant results.

Our corporate programs are personalized to enhance the synergy between the company and startups.

Discover the advantages of working with Baita:


Baita's partners have extensive corporate experience, having worked in high-tech companies such as Promon, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, Arris, ARM, AMD, among others.


We prepare the company and its stakeholders to build a natural and dynamic relationship with startups.


Capture and development of technology-intensive startups, providing total harmony with corporate challenges in several areas: product, operations and services.


Among startups, universities, R&D centers and corporations demanding innovation, providing technological and business support to startups and partner corporations.


We use Baita's entire network of mentors and partners in corporate programs, which adds an external look to the company's challenges.


Entrepreneurs, startups, investors and development programs expand the possibilities of attracting startups, making business feasible.

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Baita Investors

Meet all the startups accelerated by Baita.

Startups from different markets, with technology and potential as competitive advantages.

We have a differentiated, audacious and innovative technology-based portfolio.


We bring together high performance entrepreneurs, prepared for the challenge of growth.

We work together to generate a dealflow with high technological content and growth potential.

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Baita Accelerator

Together, we add our great experience to accelerate and make it happen

Baita's human capital is one of the biggest assets. The core team is formed by professionals who believe in audacious and innovative entrepreneurship. Since 2013, Baita is the sum of everyone's experience in startups, large corporations and technology.

Core team


Electronic engineer and post-graduated in Administration from FAAP with more than 30 years of experience in technology, personal computing, semiconductors and entrepreneurship. He served for several years as a leader in international corporations, such as: IBM, Apple Computer, Oki Data and AMD, where he assumed the position of VP for Latin America. As an executive, he had several experiences in managing large companies and a strong interface with government and academia. As an entrepreneur, he founded and sold two startups.


Chemical engineer from USP, with a master’s degree from ITA and an MBA from FAAP, she has over 30 years of experience in R&D of products for Health and Personal Hygiene, such as Medical Devices, OTC Drugs and cosmetics. She was Director of Research and Development at Johnson & Johnson, where she worked for 23 years, the last 7 years in the United States, on global projects, acquiring solid knowledge in the development of world-class products and their regulatory requirements.

Oswaldo Fernandes

Experienced executive and entrepreneur, he worked at Promon, Motorola, Scientific-Atlanta, Flextronics, ARRIS Solutions, among others. Its focus is on business development, marketing and sales. Electronic engineer from ITA, holds an International Executive MBA from FIA / USP and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from ESPM. At Baita, he combines the knowledge of several years as an executive with modern techniques and development of startups, helping entrepreneurs and companies to reach a new level in their business.


Computer engineer at Unicamp, with over 30 years as an entrepreneur in a technology-based company. He has been an investor in startups since 2000, when he sold his stake in a telecommunications company to a US telecommunications manufacturer (Lucent). He is an active member of the Campinas / Unicamp entrepreneurship community, and was responsible for organizing an investment company and a software export consortium. He is currently a guest professor of technological entrepreneurship at DPCT.

Rodolfo Baccarelli

Computer engineer from Unicamp, with over 40 years of experience in the technology area. He worked as an instructor and professor at Unicamp and UFBA. He worked at CPqD and the National Research Network, in the implementation of the Internet in Brazil. He founded his own business management consulting company focused on startups, which worked with more than 100 companies in the software, medical equipment and biotechnology markets. He worked in the business incubators of Softex and Unicamp, in Campinas, and in Supera, incubator of USP Ribeirão Preto.


Computer engineer from Unicamp and MBA from FIA / USP. He has over 30 years of experience in R&D in the IT / Telecom area. She worked at CPqD and was Product Director for Latin America at Motorola, where she created and operated the product and software development group for the regional and global market. She was president of Unicamp Ventures chain, member of the board of directors of Eldorado Institute, from Cesar Institute and chairman of the board of directors of Agrosmart, a company accelerated by Baita. She is currently a guest professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation), a recognized brazilian business school. In Brazil.


Count on the support of experienced and mature entrepreneurs

The acceleration at Baita has a team of top executives and C-level entrepreneurs. They add all their market knowledge, connections, customer behavior, channels and even the possibility of business and partnerships. Meet Baita's mentors who will enhance your skills and boost your results.

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Do you want to accelerate your startup, are you part of a company that wants to enter the world of startups or is interested in investing?

Av. Alan Turing, 345 - Parque Tecnológico da UnicampCampinas - SP • contato@baita.ac

Av. Alan Turing, 345Parque Tecnológico da UnicampCampinas - SP • contato@baita.ac